Custom Products


    We pride ourselves in developing programs to help elevate and push our customers to be at the top of their industry. If you can touch it or press it, we can make it happen. Customers come to us for help with taking current or old devices and refreshing them to be a power-house for their clients. Our engineering team loves bringing life to both old and new ideas for our customers. Each time we present a new project to a customer, we have confidence that our team will be able to provide high quality products with the low cost appeal that customers come to us for on a daily basis.


    Our customers trust us to develop a product that meets their high-environment demands. TG3 creates products based on the customers’ needs such as water resistive, chemical resistive, temperature-controlled, etc. When it comes to harsh environments, TG3 excels at developing products for such extreme measures. Our in-house engineering team has top of the line technology to aid in testing the rugged products for severe environments.


    Most end-users can agree that any product with a button is a thing of the past. Well we here at TG3 agree. We love taking a product and refreshing it to have a touchscreen display. Our engineering team is fully equipped to handle any project that comes their way for a capacitive- or resistive-touch screen display.