Easy to Use.
Easy to Clean.
Easy to Maintain.

Sleek keyboards that stand up
to medical environments

If you work in a medical environment, your keyboard is one of your most important tools. Make sure yours is built to handle your daily routine.

Our keyboard advantages include:

Low Profile – Slim with sleek chiclet-style keys, our keyboards are available in black or white.

Easily Cleaned – These fully sealed keyboards are waterproof, dustproof and tested to withstand medical grade cleaners. See testing results for yourself.

ON/OFF Switch – No need to disconnect when cleaning. Just switch the keyboard off and start wiping worry-free.

Bluetooth – Available with a wireless option if you prefer more flexibility.

Backlighting – Working in a dimly lit area? Backlight options are available for all keyboards.

Numerous options – Find what works for you with 60 different keyboard and mouse SKUs that include variations on keyboard size, color, backlight options, pointing device options and more.

Mountable – Looking for increased security? Each keyboard contains VESA pems on the bottom for medical cart attachment.

Typing Ease – Scissor switch technology means the keys are designed for comfort and efficient typing, even when wearing medical gloves.