Custom User Interface

Custom Input Devices

TG3 is an expert when it comes to developing custom input devices. An input device is a piece of computer hardware equipment used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system such as a computer or information appliance.

Custom Protocols

Some of the many custom protocols that TG3 offers its customer include but are not limited to: I2C, CAN, USB, Bluetooth, tempest, and encrypted products.

Custom Buttons

TG3 is an expert when it comes to the development and implementation of buttons on products. Whatever the customer needs, TG3 will make sure to implement the appropriate type of button that is needed and that will last. Buttons can either be rubber, metal, PCAP, etc.

Handheld Devices

One of the many types of products TG3 creates are remotes. TG3 has the capability to enhance a handheld device that is currently being used. The TG3 team is able to produce any type of operable remote that is needed for any type of solution. Some of TG3’s background in remote technology includes chair recliners and handheld devices. TG3 works with handheld device manufacturers to create add-on devices for their products.

Control Panels

Along with keyboards, TG3 has been creating control panels for decades. TG3 has a long list of medical control panels under its belt that its experienced engineering team has designed and built from the ground up. Ultrasound, MRI, and x-ray machines are a few of the most common front panels TG3 manufactures.

Rugged Products

Some of TG3’s best keyboards are made of rugged material. The mobile data industry (emergency vehicles, military, fork trucks, etc.) are some of the most recurrent customers. The robustness and durability of TG3’s rugged keyboards are what make them so appealing. With specific-IP ratings, the keyboards can be water- and dust-proof.

Metal Domes

TG3 uses the highest quality stainless steel when using metal domes on products. Metal domes deliver a reliable and consistent switch-contact system, can withstand rugged commercial environments, and is an economical solution in medical and industrial applications.