Custom Keyboards

Custom Keyboards

Keyboards are the most common input devices so it’s only natural that TG3 has an expansive and in-depth knowledge on all things keyboards.

Custom Keyboard Protocols

A keyboard protocol defines how a computer and keyboard communicate with one another. Such protocols may be exclusively keyboard-specific, or they may be a subset or application of a more general-purpose facility such as an USB or PS/2 port. TG3 has the ability to develop custom protocols depending on the customer’s needs.


Wireless keyboards are more flexible and comfortable to use than a standard wired keyboard. Wireless keyboards offer a stress free work space while also increasing one’s overall productivity. TG3 offers an array of interface options when it comes to having wireless keyboards such as Bluetooth, BLE, 900M, or 2.4G.


Most metal keyboards that are still used today are in industrial stand-alone kiosks. Many airports still use kiosks that contain a metal keyboard. Metal keyboards provide high durability and rigidity. But having the sturdiness in such a keyboard also means weight. Metal keyboards are typically heavier than a standard plastic keyboard.

Industrial Design

TG3 is able to create any look or feel for a keyboard based on a customer’s specific requirements. TG3 offers its customers best practices and solutions.